Koral Cosmetics has been founded by Anjali Pandey, a professional model and actress.

Right from her early modeling days, while still in school, Anjali was enthusiastic and inquisitive about skincare and haircare. She has always been a regular user of premium cosmetics, including the best global brands and had a natural flair to understand the intricacies of such products and its formulations.

Over the years, she became a consumer aware of buying cosmetics not by the brand promotion but by understanding the products - what were the ingredients, how was it produced, the long term effects of the ingredients et al.

With her sizeable knowledge and expertise in the domain, Anjali saw a big gap in the availability of 'natural' premium Made in India cosmetic products.

Anjali strongly advocates that the purpose of cosmetic products is not just to improve the aesthetics of the skin or hair; but it should also improve its health. Using cosmetics that make you look good but in the process, harms the health of your skin or hair in the long term due to the usage of chemicals, can be hazardous.

The team at Koral strongly believes in encapsulating only the best and natural ingredients in all its products. Our range also offers refreshing and exciting essences, comparable with the best in world.

We are on a mission to creating the first, truly natural, premium Made In India Cosmetics brand. With Koral, you can be assured of providing your skin and hair, the best it can get.

We at KORAL are committed to providing our customers the best skincare products, free from nasty and harsh chemicals. We avoid using allergens and irritants that can harm skin.

We are proud to say that we are truly a premium, luxury and 'Made in India' cosmetics brand.

At KORAL you don't have to worry about paying extra shipping charges. We offer free shipping to all our customers.

Happy Shopping!!